Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Heroes...

Check out some of the Heroes cast winning Television: New Drama at the People's Choice Awards!

Here's Ali Larter looking sexy as ever. I tell ya - I'd probably go straight for her!

I "saved the cheerleader" (har har) for last - Hayden's looking good on the red carpet! Gotta say, she's really won me over since the series first started!

Other good news and comments:

Movies: Female star - Jennifer Aniston (gotta love her!)
Movies: Leading lady - Cameron Diaz (sure, she's a ditz, but very entertaining!)
Movies: Movie/Movie drama - "Pirates of the Caribbean" (booooring!)
Music: Female singer - Carrie Underwood (LOVE "Before He Cheats"!)
Music: Male singer - Kenny Chesney (ok, so I don't listen to him, but what a bod!)
Music: R&B song - "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake (Brett loves this!)
Television: Comedy - "Two and a Half Men" (YAY!! Great show! "How I Met Your Mother" would've also been great)
Television: Competition/Reality show - "American Idol" (oh god, are we gonna get hooked on another season!?)
Television: New comedy - "The Class" (have you seen this? MUCH funnier than we expected!)
Television: New drama - "Heroes" (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)
Television: Talk-show host - Ellen DeGeneres (lesbians are funny!)

1 comment:

Peter said...

Ali Larter, Jeph? Look, I like the show and all as well, but you, sir, are a light in the loafers, showtune singing, limp-wristed, man-sexin' homo. Deal with it, okay?


Now then, let's hold out hope that the show will win an award or two that means something!