Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gimme an H!

After making the really good French bread from a book I've had on loan from Julie recently, I was really tempted to make the yogurt French bread recipe in the book. Sounds weird, but interesting! I was a little worried because the rising periods for the dough got extended due to someone coming to check out the condo (maybe they'll make an offer!), but everything turned out ok.

Well, except maybe I put the loaves a LITTLE too close together in the oven??

Looks like maybe they swelled up/rose really fast in the oven, touched and became one, and then contracted as they continued to cook? Weird!

Oh well - didn't really matter. They pulled apart easily enough. Odd that this bread has a more uniform and darker color to it, but that could be because it didn't call for an egg glaze like the previous recipe did? That also resulted in a softer exterior (had a lot of give to it when I was trying to cut it - should've used the electric knife). The dough wasn't tangy like I expected, but it was more flavorful than the previous recipe (this could also be because it had a MUCH longer rising time - even longer than called for). It was very soft and moist on the inside - we really liked how it turned out.
Wonder what recipe I'll have to try next!?


Peter said...

About time you blogged again, mister! But I forgive the delay seeing as how you made two loaves in the shape of an "H" in honour of me!


Alexander said...

Jeph... The bread is cool dude... I'm like soooo inpressed. Do you kneed by hand... Can I have the recipe?


Oh PS Thanks for the comment about our a cat. We miss him heaps.

Jeph said...

LOL Peter - you're right, I TOTALLY planned it in honor of your last name! ;-)

And Alexander - this one came together real easy in the KitchenAid mixer, with minimal kneading afterwards. We just used some thin slices tonite to make grilled sandwiches on the panini press - toasted up GREAT!

I'll have to post the recipe sometime soon - check back!

And I totally know that you're going through with the loss of your cat. There are some other cat lovers who check in here periodically (Peter's not one of them)...I'm afraid if I posted a link to your memorial video that folks would be crying left and right... Fluffy was a very cute cat!