Monday, January 22, 2007

Kittens in the snow

Awhile back I posted a little note to these bulbs, warning them that the heatwave we were having wasn't going to last long! As you can see here from a photo I took last week, we started getting some snow. We've had more since - there's maybe a couple inches out there...nothing too crazy, but enough to make it look pretty. I'm sure the bulbs will be fine - they're built to survive some chilly weather if they peek up too early during a mid-winter warm spell.

The kittens hadn't experienced snow yet. I've gotten hollered at by Brett for wanting to take them outside, but figured eh, it's worth it so they can experience the fun white stuff. It's like a whole new world for them! (Well, so is the outdoors since neither has been OUTSIDE since they were first caught!) Here's Simon wondering what all the falling white stuff is... So pretty! Look at those whiskers!

Mmmm...brain freeze! Just don't eat any yellow ones!

"Maybe it's warmer down there - I'm getting off the patio table!"

Moxie's checking out the bird feeders. She knows she gets entertainment from them - but where are the birds now?!

She looks like she's hunting!

"Ok, who the hell hit me with a snow ball!??!?!"

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the ginger tabby said...

Jeph, those are beautiful pics of your cats in the snow. Wonderful!