Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Day with Brett's Family

Brett's parents and brother came over New Year's Day to do both a New Year's meal (including pork and sauerkraut) and a Christmas rain check with us... Next year they get us for Christmas, and my family gets the rain check.

The food was good, the presents were great, and we just had an overall fun time. None of them have tried Indian food, so we've planned a get together in the near future to take them out to Saffron Patch or Raj Mahal near here and give them a culinary adventure!

Here's Marty racing Moxie up the wall after a laser...

Blake watches while Linda tries to figure out why the pen Brett gave her for a gift isn't working. After the first few initial clicks using both hands, she clicked is as you see below and got an EVIL shock! Brett's more the evil one for giving her this gag gift. However, it's definitely turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving (as Brett hoped it would). She called this evening to say she's gotten three people at work with it! Heh heh... >:-)

Marty laughing at Linda's misfortune with the pen prank!

Brett hamming it up with the generous, yet semi-gag-gift, from his folks - $50 in quarters!

Blake and Brett having fun boxing the crap out of each other with the Wii Sports game. I do believe Blake trashed Brett's ass!


Peter said...

Is Blake Brett's brother?

Say that one three times fast!

the ginger tabby said...

That pic of Moxie looks almost surreal (black silhouette against white).

Jeph said...

Yup, Blake is Brett's brother. Blake is Brett's brother. Blake is Br;eklajs;asdf dammit - couldn't do it, you're right!