Wednesday, February 14, 2007


In addition to getting the day off, it looks like we've also got more hot snow plow guys! Now I don't consider it stalking if they're right here in plain site, plowing our drive, the neighbor's drive, etc. I can't help but see them when they're pretty much "in the way" of my view. So why not pick up a camera too!? :)

These pics were with the digital zoom, and he was a yard away - so that's why they're not so clear (not to mention that "not wanting to look obvious" thing while taking the pics!) He looks like a hot, younger Scott Bakula (and who doesn't want Scott Bakula!?), but beefier in build - like a bit of a body builder/model? And the gray thermal shirt fits nicely!

Oh, in case you're wondering, it's not that I just stalked him from my office window. I was actually shoveling the snow drift out from under the garage door - it caved in when Brett left for work, so the garage door wouldn't go down all the way. I was removing all the snow when this guy came up to plow our drive. Very nice, very friendly, very hot. None of which is my fault!

Wonder if I should invite him in to get out of the cold!??!


the ginger tabby said...

From what I can tell, he does look hot! He looks bulky and muscular - all good in my books!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! You actually had a snow-removal guy! I wish you would've sent him over here.... But no, you were too busy inviting him in. Am I going to read about this later in some fantasy forum or something? :)


Jeph said...

Yeah, sorry Carolyn - not sharing that hunka meat! LOL

Ginger Tab - MAYBE I'll share with *you*! ;-)

the ginger tabby said... sweet are you, Jeph?! :)