Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tucker Lick Fest

Sure, it's three and a half minutes long, but how could you NOT watch this!?!? It's me being mauled (well, practically) by Tucker while I was trying to work today. More than one person has wondered if he isn't obsessive compulsive - we just figure he was separated from his mother too early. Usually he'll go for Brett's neck, but sometimes it's my inner forearm, or the area between shoulder and arm pit. He does the serious licking and knitting thing for a few minutes, and then konks out for a couple minutes. (So, yes, he could also be narcoleptic?! LOL) He then wakes up, looks around like he's not sure what's going on, and gets up and leaves.

Like I said, this is three and a half minutes, but it's so cute - and you get to hear him purring and slurping!

Also - I learned an interesting trick. I recorded this at too high a quality/resolution for YouTube on accident, AND and that duration it came out to 300+ MB. YouTube wants it under 100 MB. Turns out there's an application on Windows machines - Windows Movie Maker (under All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment) that let me run some clean up filters, styling filters (didn't use any for this movie), and scale it down to be more web-friendly. Cool!

Oh well - hope you enjoy Tucker!


cindy k. said...

Kitty lickin' good!

Jeph said...

Mmmmm tastey!