Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Getting in some WoW time with my honey...

The only thing I really wanted for my birthday this year was for Brett to give the World of Warcraft trial a try - to spend some time playing computer games with me online. Silly, yes, but hey, at $1.99 for two weeks (he could've actually gotten it for free), it can't be beat!!

So here's after we've played a few nights, and we've leveled up a bit, but we're starting to wind down for the night and are trying to figure out what we need to do to wrap it up. We've completed some quests that still need to be "cashed in", and we'd wandered into a new area with a bunch of Gnarlpines... We'd killed off most of the nearby ones, but apparently there was still one who's walking-path brought it within range of us.

We were just standing there while typing back and forth, and I was having fun taking screenshots of us - I'd pivoted the camera around and zoomed in. Brett hasn't really mastered this part of the game yet, focusing more on navigation and questing still (hey, I'm easily distracted). Once I realized what was going on I was laughing my ass really wasn't as ominous as it looks, but don't you half expect to hear the Jaws theme song playing through the series of these pictures?

Oh, and Tucker gets a little jealous of our game time sometimes...gotta be right in the middle of it all!

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Peter said...

Ah, Jeph, I really am sorry we took you away from your planned WoW weekend. Honestly.