Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Idol Boobs

Oh heck, since we're on the subject of Idol mammaries, check out the new "shoes" Kellie Pickler bought with the money she's been getting since her time on American Idol last season!

Alright, in all seriousness - and not being a breast expert - I suppose it's very possible those are the same breasticles that she was sporting last year, only with the outfit accentuating them. Or maybe she's just put on a little weight...she's a country girl, and new weight seems to go either to the boobs or the hips. Whaddaya think!?

As for the rest of her look - she way overdid it while playing in someone's make up! Wowza! Dial it down a notch Pickler!


Peter said...

I think I've read elsewhere that she did. Certainly it's widely suspected.

But why is she trying to look like Jessica Simpson? Ugh.

alison said...

TOTALLY FAKE!!! I am the resident expert of boobs, being a lacation specialist and all.. anyone have the number to her doc???