Saturday, March 17, 2007

How does your KitchenAid mixer sound??

So does anyone here have a KitchenAid mixer??

I had an old hand-me-down on loan for years, and then treated myself to a nice new red one this past fall. LOOOOVED it when it arrived! I realized, once I was getting into all the bread baking, that maybe I really honestly should've gone with the professional level, instead of the artisan. I never thought I'd need that capacity or horse power. Oh well, I could certainly live with it - it definitely does the job, and I've only maxxed it's bowl out a couple times.

But I'm really concerned. It grinds. ALOT. It's surprisingly noisy, and the top, even when locked in place, bobbles around alot - and not just for heavy duty bread mixing, but even lighter-fare stuff like cake batters.

I got it online, and it's been mooonths now, so it's not like I can take it to a store and exchange it. I wonder if I should contact KitchenAid? I just know I've heard the newer ones made aren't AS good as the original line - company buyouts and that sort of thing?

Hm. Whaddaya think?


The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

I have the same model of KitchenAid mixer (colbalt blue). I have maxed it out a couple of times with some very wet Italian bread doughs. But I only got from the motor a low groan sound - no grinding. The top doesn't bobble but the whole unit tends to dance across the counter.

Jeph said...

Yeah, I'm thinking more and more that I need to contact KitchenAid. Maybe I'll YouTube a video of it and send them the link?