Monday, April 02, 2007

Boyfriend Etc

Brett actually let me snap some cute pics of him after he got home from work the other day... Peter - hopefully these'll make up for all the cat pics!?

Now, on the days I work from home, I can see what crazy stuff the cats are normally up to all day while we're at work:

Simon posing with the first batch of daffodils I cut...

While I was working from home last week, Moxie wanted some laptime lovin', only I needed my hands for coding. It was chilly, so I had on an extra shirt - I just buttoned it up around her, which worked for a short while.

Then I realized it looked like I had an alien chest-burster busting out of that picture DEFINITELY had to be staged! ;-)

And here's Simon contemplating helping me tie my shoe laces.


Peter said...

So. Darn. Cute.

And you can tell him I said so!


Jeph said...

Oh, he knows it - don't worry! :)

Peter said...

Swollen head on him?

Don't be dirty.