Friday, October 19, 2007

30 Days of GORE GORE GORE!

Nuthin' says luvin' like a little gory vampire action!

I was out working with the huge mulch piles I had delivered yesterday when Brett got home from work today. He pointed out tomorrow was Sweetest Day (uh oh - I didn't know!), and wanted to know how I felt about seeing 30 Days of Night (which I've been talking about wanting to see!), and trying an Indian restaurant we've never been to. I thought the idea sounded GREAT, but making it all happen got complicated. What order to do dinner and movie. What was going to be "too late" - did we really want eat dinner AFTER seeing a 7:30pm showing of the movie? Or did we want to eat and then go see the 10:10pm showing? Man, either sounded like there was going to be something later than we'd really like. We probably should've gone with Brett's original suggestion to do dinner and then see the later showing, but plans got bounced around a bunch, I cut the mulching short, showered, and we were on the road to see the earlier movie. We barely made it in time, but thankfully there's TONS of trailers!

The movie had a nice, slow start up - but we knew evil was coming! First a stranger shows up in the small Alaskan town of Barrow, the most northern town in the US - and then things start to go bad. Cell phones were found destroyed, sled dogs killed, etc. At the same time, most of the town's population is packing up to head further south - the "30 days of night" are about to start, where the town is without sun for, you guessed it, thirty days.

At this point it turned into your basic vampire invasion movie - people are dying, there's the risk of those attacked by the vampires coming back as vampires, lots of gore and blood, fangs and claws are flying, as are the bodies... We really enjoyed the movie - Brett even admits to jumping a couple times during the movie (I jump at all the points I'm supposed to - Brett usually doesn't spook during a movie). I can easily see there being a sequel to the movie. Not having read the comic book it's based on, I'm not sure how close this story line follows the comics, nor do I know if there are continued stories - I mean, it's "just" thirty days (of night), right?

I won't give anything away - I'll just say it was a really good vampire movie. It had us asking questions, wondering about the mythology of these particular vamps. The make up work was great, the special effects were all good, and there was plenty of slashing and gore. I say take the one you love to go see this gory flic for a Sweetest Day treat real close to Halloween! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I don't know Jeph. You have a bad habit of liking terrible movies. IE: Superman Returns and Star Bores Episode 1.....

Peter said...

WTH is Sweetest Day? Never heard of it. Something else Hallmark is foisting on us? Sheesh!

As if you don't lavish love and affection on your sweetheart the other 364 days a year1

Peter said...

Whoops - my apologies to Hallmark. I looked it up quickly and saw that candy companies are responsible and that Cleveland and other Great Lakes cities are the places where it's most celebrated. It's still kind of lame, but hey, if you got a horror flick date out of it, so be it.