Sunday, October 21, 2007

Girl on Girl Action

While I haven't had time to pick through pictures from last nite and post the best ones, I did take a quick moment to upload what is possibly the best video from the evening to YouTube before heading outside for a day full of yard work. Here's a teaser for the pictures I hope to upload soon:

Go ahead, you can start making fun of me now. I know I'm gonna hear it. I figure, hey, if I post embarrassing and incriminating stuff about others, it's ONLY FAIR if I can also make fun of myself (or give others the ammunition to do so themselves). Enjoy!

(Oh - and why the subject title "Girl on Girl Action"? Because Andy was subjected to more same-sex interaction/activities than ever before... And, as Brett said, "It seems like Wadsworth is where old lesbians go to die" - which is really harsh actually, but the straight people and gay guys were DEFINITELY out numbered by lesbians last nite. And, sorry Andy, but they weren't of the "hot porn action lipstick lesbian" type either...)


Peter said...

"hot porn action lipstick lesbian"??? There's such a thing?


Jeph, flannel? Now THAT'S hot!

Anonymous said...

Okay the best part is your hip shaking. You look like you are barely interested and then the hips!