Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanks "grandma!"

Mom was really cool and sent us a "welcoming your new puppy" check a couple weeks ago - so we needed to go out and buy Doogie some new toys (because you KNOW a puppy can NEVER have enough toys!). Unfortunately, most pictures of a puppy turn out a bit like this:

Bluuuuur! ZOOM!

Luckily, I managed to get one of him with ONE of his toys (I should've gotten pics of all the other loot WITHOUT Doogie in them - we got some new greatly-compressed rawhides that last A LOT longer and give us some peaceful TV time with dinner, plus a squeaky octopus-ball and some milkbones. Here's that rare standing-still photo:

What you see in the background is the board Brett put up (painted to match the rest of the walls) so we can section Doogie off on the vinyl-tiled floor when he can't be supervised (and there's a babygate between the dinette and dining room) - JUST IN CASE! The board's a HEAVY sucker - so there's no way he can knock it over. And you see the rags Brett stapled on just so we don't damage the walls. Hopefully we won't need this TOO much longer - just til we feel REAL secure with his potty training!

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