Sunday, October 26, 2008


For all you 2003 CR-V owners, THAT'S the number of bails of straw you can jam-pack into the back of your car:

Sounds like more than you'd expect, doesn't it? I think this was the most I've gotten in there, with just a bit of strategic placement (usually I've stopped at 6). I found a farm nearby (not too far from my new egg place!) that had a sign out saying bails of straw for sale. And they were only $3 a bail - unlike the $5 a bail at the local garden centers. Nice! The farmer was just pulling up to the house to swap out tractors or something, and entrusted me to go help myself in the barn, which was packed higher than my house with bales of straw, plus it was on a sloped hill, so there was a lower level I could see down to with more straw. Boy, I tell ya, that, plus the cows mooing all around, and the field the farmer was working on - it made me homesick for my grandparents farm-life out in Kansas!!

Now I said I packed all this straw in my car... That's not to say you won't make a mess of the car - a REAL mess. But I've done this every year now, and this time I had the best luck in cleaning it out (I don't have pics, you'll have to trust me) thanks to the leaf blower my folks got us awhile back. Fire that puppy up and blow alllll the straw out!!


Peter said...

Our CRV is older, so I wonder how may bales fit into it.

It reminds me of a game we used to play in res with my best friend. Any place we went, someone would ask him how many cows could fit.

Jeph said...

ROFL And how many cows could you fit in a CR-V?