Friday, November 14, 2008

It's time to make the donuts!

I blame this one on Sharon... She recently sent a recipe she wanted to try (and yet STILL hasn't made) for baked pumpkin donuts.

Baked? Pumpkin? PUH-LEAAAASE! If you're gonna do donuts, do 'em up right! FRY THOSE LITTLE BASTARDS!!!

Ok, to be honest, that wasn't really my thought. I'm eager to try her baked pumpkin donuts (if she ever finds the time to make them) - they sound interesting, and they have to be healthier than THIS recipe I ended out trying tonite.

And what was the end result? Check THIS out:

First note - I halved the recipe! It said it was supposed to make 24 donuts. Brett and I DO NOT need 24 donutes.

Second note - it was some seriously wet (dare I use the M-word?) dough? So I had to keep working sprinklings of flour into it until it was manageable. I wasn't sure if halving it affected the chemistry, or if something got mismeasured? Whatever - I wanted to keep it moist (oops, sorry - it slipped out), but definitely no where near as "dry" as a bread dough. THe donuts turned out good - they could've been a LITTLE lighter, but they definitely weren't lead sinkers. And sure they fried up looking kinda dark, but they had no burnt taste to them.

Third note - I don't have a donut cutter. WHO DOES!?!? Most folks probably don't keep one around (actually, I think I remember mom having one when we grew up - with a red wooden handle maybe?) So first I tried using large and small biscuit cutters, but the small wasn't small enough, and was making some VERY thin donut rings. Then I tried just making "donut holes" with the smallest biscuit cutter - but those were a bit thick/big. I finally re-rolled out the remaining dough into a rectangle and cut it into short strips - about the size of a finger. These were TOTALLY fine! (You might notice in the pic above how some look more like floppy onion rings - definitely not worth trying to make perfect rounds!)

Fourth note - even though the dough was pretty sweet just from the sugar in the recipe, tossing these little babies in a paper sack with some granulated sugar and the last of my Vietnamese Cinnamon ROCKED. YUUUUUM! SUPER GOOD!

So I definitely recommend giving these a try. The chilly fall weather is perfect for something like this - maybe with some hot cocoa or apple cider?


Peter said...

It's not a matter of NEEDING 24 doughnuts but of WANTING them. Which, I have no doubt, you two do.

Second batch of scones about to come out of the oven. Some lucky teammates will get some fresh-baked treats this morning.

Jeph said...

Well, if you cut them smaller, then you can count more consumed! ;-)

FinnyKnits said...


Meanwhile, I know Bubba would marry me again if I produced donuts. I guess I should decide if I want him knowing that I can make donuts.

I don't want us to be fatties after all. He may not marry me again then.