Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why I love Sharon

The girl feeds my addictions...

No, it's not the fanciest of baking in any way, but it's daaaamn tasty! Awhile back I was on the hunt for a recipe that matches the dense white poundcake like texture (WITHOUT being too rich/eggy (?)) of Starbucks cinnamon streusel "coffee cake" (I think they should call it poundcake). I actually tried making a recipe from scratch - it was good, but not quite what I was looking for. On a whim I tried the Giant Eagle brand mix, and it was REALLY damn close.

So what does Sharon do? She comes across these Betty Crocker mixes and gifts me a couple, and I'll be damned, I might NOT have to try to track down a perfect recipe anytime soon!! These were a TINY bit more yellow than the Giant Eagle brand (so more egg in the mix?), and so more so than the cake-on-the-pedestal from Starbucks (and I don't even drink coffee!), but I have zero complaints. Yum yum! THANKS Sharon! And since Brett doesn't eat this sort of thing, I have to eat an entire loaf cake by myself! Darn. ;-)


the ginger tabby said...

Brett doesn't eat that sort of thing? Who doesn't eat cake? Is he nuts? Just kidding.

Looks mighty tasty...


FinnyKnits said...

I don't drink coffee, but if it were a requirement for a slice of that cake, I'd do it.

Brent is probably a communist.

FinnyKnits said...

Dude. I just said Brent, when I meant BreTT.

I'm a retard. Forgive me.

Sharon and Andrew said...

Woohoo! Who loves you?!?!

I will seduce Jeph to the dark side of boxed cooking. Next? Tomatoes from the store! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jeph said...

LOL Brett DOES like cake (he just had me make a boxed strawberry cake mix last nite - we were craving cake and had a mix in the pantry). He just doesn't like the cinnamony, coffee-cakey type things.

Finny - yes, I think you're right, I think my bf IS a communist. I mentioned this to him and he acted all offended - TOTALLY a communist thing to do!

And a communist would probably kill you for getting his name wrong - careful!

Sharon - see my note above about making the BOXED strawberry cake mix. We also happen to have a bunch of other cake mixes in the pantry - all VERY reminiscent of the cakes for your wedding. Why? Because I bought EXTRAS "just in case"...and we haven't baked 'em all off yet! So we have TONS of cakes in our future! Good thing I have the Cake Doctor cookbooks!

Peter said...

Jeph, is this post a hint that I need to send you some baking that isn't from a box? I mean, Sharon is nice and all (and having a hot - not quite as hot as Brett - husband mitigates much), but have you really been that deprived of real flour/butter/eggs/sugar productions?

Yes, I am snob. What makes you ask?

Jeph said...

While I certainly wouldn't turn down home-baked goods, trust me - this is GOOOOOD STUFF!!! I'm NOT knocking what Sharon hooked me up with - I would say it could even taste better than some homebaked goods at times. Trust me, I've made enough stuff from scratch that didn't taste quite as good as what came out of a box - a box can be more reliable or consistent than something made from scratch.

And if the two sides would like this tested, I'll be happy to judge. Send me all entries! ;-)