Monday, December 08, 2008

Best. Toy. EVER!

So this year we decided to save ourselves some effort, stress, sweat, crankiness and many hours - especially if it's as bad as last year (and the extended forecast from both our local meteorologists and the Farmer's Almanac are for a snowy winter!). So our gift to each other for Christmas would be this:

There's Brett out snowblowing the driveway before the guys showed up for potluck dinner and fun the other night. Sure, it's not something we're going to wrap back up and put under the tree, and even if we did, it's not the most exciting thing to play with for Christmas, but we loooove it already!

I don't think we'd had two inches of snow yet, but Brett wanted to make sure they didn't have to walk on the snow, and so that the snow didn't start getting packed down into ice that would be there all winter. (Let's be honest - you would've used whatever excuse to try the thing out for the first time too, wouldn't you!?)

And while I was out there taking pics and video (video doesn't do well at night), I got some pics of the outside of the house (and a bit down the street) so you can see our seasonal fugliness for this year...

Hm, maybe that pic would've looked better if the dining room lights weren't so bright!

This year I kinda got lazy (um, does "we have a new puppy" still count as an excuse?) and didn't light up all the shrubs like last year. Nor did we trim the garage with icicle lights. I DID light up the tree in the front yard though... (Hey, that's it's sole purpose in life!)

Check out (retired) Farmer Dan's blue LED icicles down the street. Those are a bit intense for my taste...but we each have our own preferences.

Saturday night came and went, and wouldn't ya know it - there was another two inches of snow out there!! MY TURN!!

Doogie seemed somewhat-ok with the snowblower...he'd be around it, just not near it. Oh, and you can see the newly constructed/moved-in house across the street. I should bake something for them - introduce myself, etc. Brett hates that shit! ;-)

Wanna see it in action?

Seriously - how much fun is that!? (Check out my big smile!)

And here's the finished product!

Ok, we're gonna need some more snow!

Oh, and I owe an apology to Rick and Carolyn, and whoever I might've promised we wouldn't have any snow now that we've got a snowblower. I guess that didn't quite work out as expected. ;-) I'm ok with it though - c'mon Mother Nature - give me a Winter Wonderland!


FinnyKnits said...

Not even fugly! Your house, that is.

I will say, I'm not a fan of blue icicle lights, but I think you know.

I love your "gift to each other". That looks like fun!

I'll share photos (and likely video) of our "gift to each other": an LG all-in-one washer/dryer. It's like a spaceship!

Jeph said...

What's the world coming to. It used to be you'd spend hours pouring over the kid's section in the massive, phonebook-sized Sears or Penny's catalog, dreaming about all the toys you thought Santa might bring you. Batmobiles, tinkertoys, race car tracks, Star Wars action figures and more!! (Hm, maybe you were looking at the pink and frilly section of the catalog?)

But now we get excited over snowblowers and washing machines/dryers? Oy.