Thursday, December 11, 2008


How do I feel right now? Hm....let's see... Something like this:

After a confusing email from the University President the other day which couldn't be confirmed by our HR liaison here in the Library (NOR could HR fully confirm anything since they say they were never informed the initial announcement was going to be made), the dust has finally settled, the confusion has cleared (for most of us), and the sooper dooper cool news is....


(drum roll please!)



....University is going to be closed, for the most part, from Wednesday, December 24th THROUGH Thursday, January 1st!


(I might've just pee'd myself a little)

We've always gotten Dec 24, Dec 25, and Jan 1 off for paid holiday, and then many folks use vacation time to take off some time here and there between those two holidays.

Last year they tried something new that's apparently been implemented at some Universities - to determine what depts/areas of the campus aren't "essential" and close them, between the two holidays, but the employees have to take vacation time for that time off, OR the employees who don't have enough vacation time saved up have to work in an "essential" dept.

And it looked like they were doing the same thing this year.

Because Libraries & Media Services is considered sort of "essential" because we have so many foreign exchange students that can't easily/cheaply "go home for the holidays", we keep the library open. Now it looks like Circulation and Reference will have to remain open (and it's still being worked out how to compensate those folks), but the rest of us?



(Yup, definitely wet myself!)

Ok, I'm already wondering what the hell I'm going to do with myself with that much time off. Brett's gotta work. Sharon's gotta work. It's AFTER Christmas, so it's not like I can use it to bake up massive piles of cookies. I'm gonna get bored. ;-)


FinnyKnits said...

Too bad you don't live close by, we could take the dogs to the beach or hiking since I have all that time off, too!


Jada and I are so going to do nothing for all those days. I CAN'T WAIT.

Jeph said...

Oh yeah, that would be totally cool!!!! And we could rub it in everyone else's faces that we get all that time off and they don't! (Well, aside from our coworkers!)

I'm looking forward to catching up on some reading. Maybe make some bread. Try some new knitting? Get Doogie to learn some new tricks? Oh, and maybe I have some seeds that didn't get planted last year because they need to be started 20 weeks before final frost - might be worth checking out!