Friday, December 12, 2008

Doogie's Last Puppy Class

Last Saturday was Doogie's last Family Puppy Class at North Coast Dogs. While I know Ed and Mari Dickson are really nice people, and was sure Ed was a great trainer, we were a bit skeptical about the hour drive each way for six week's worth of classes (especially with today's gas prices!). But considering how long I've worked for them as the web developer for North Coast Dogs, and since we didn't know any other trainers personally (who knew if we'd find someone as good as NCD!), we went for it - and we've been so glad we did!! Ed taught us so much, both in class and with our homework... Yes, it's true what people say - dog classes are more about teaching YOU how to interact with your dog, rather than teaching YOUR DOG stuff...but it works! Doogie's been my first dog, and we've come a long ways since North Coast Dogs.

It was actually sort of sad, knowing Brett was driving us up to Lakewood for our last class.

Can you see how emotional Doogie was, knowing this might be the last time he saw Ed and his fellow classmates? Just look at the sadness in those eyes!

For the last day of class Ed covered any remaining major issues we felt we had. In our case, it was Doogie's lack of focus and direction on walks, so of course Doogie performed like a CHAMP when Ed worked with him on walking in class - so much so that Ed commented on Doogie practically prancing, his walk was so perfect. (Ya little stinker - why not act like you really do on walks!? LOL)

Anyhow, after class time (and Ed always seems to throw in plenty of bonus time - score!) the puppies get puppy play time. The first week Doogie mostly hid behind us or sat up on a chair, while two of the other dogs raced around. Billie the Airdale was the only one who seemed more timid than Doogie, but she's much younger, and probably felt intimidated by all the rough boy action. By the second week, Doogie was getting into the rough housing. As shown here - once they start playing, much of what you can see is just a blur...

That's Rascal that Doogie's flying over in the picture above. As I mentioned, Billie usually wanted to spend time with the humans, rather than the rowdy boys, but in this next picture you can see she finally started to warm up to playing in the last class... Here she and Doogie are piling on top of Rascal.

Seriously, for such a little dog, Rascal looks like he could be a major terror!

Here's some puppy play time video:

Looks like I'm about to lose my foot - I think Rascal was just trying to lure Doogie in.

Here's Brett trying to get Billie to do one of her commands, while the boys dart on by...

How cute is she?!

Ok, now how even MORE cute is she!!!?

More video!

Rascal obviously loved all of the attention...

Uh oh - they've broken from the wrestling position, and are heading right for Ed!

That's what Ed gets for dropping down to the dogs' level...looks like he's about to get mauled as an innocent bystander here!

And here's more video from around the same time:

Did I mention how cute Billie is!?

She looks just like a stuffed animal...and that fur might look wirey, but it's SOOOO soft!

Sadly, it was time to break up play time...

...and head home.

Sad, or worn out from all that play? You decide!


Ed and Mari Dickson said...

GREAT little story! So glad you all learned a lot and had a good time in class! Doogie is AWESOME!!

Jeph said...

He's not feeling so awesome tonight. Today was his big nip/tuck trip to the vet - he's been neutered, had his floppy boneless high-risk read dew claws removed, had a baby tooth that wouldn't fall out naturally removed, had the 'glands expressed, AND got microchipped!!! He'd feel positively remodeled and bionic if he weren't so unhappy about the sexy big Elizabethan collar he's sporting, along with two back legs wrapped in mummifying bandages, and stitches peeking out where his bits used to be.

Poor pup. We were getting some SERIOUS cold shoulder after putting the collar on him!