Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Squeaky Toy

It's fun to play with Doogie, but sometimes those toys get a bit annoying! SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!


FinnyKnits said...

I think this is my one true "mom" moment (lord knows I show no other maternal instincts), but when Jada is loving on her squeaky toy (and this one's a doozy!) it never strikes me as anything but adorable.

Even when it starts in the middle of the night and wakes us both up. Which is a rare but still adorable situation.

However, if another dog were doing it, I'd bleed out of my ears.

Doogie is AWFUL cute with his blue squeaker. HUGS!

Jeph said...


Hypothetical situation: you're dead tired, you finally get to sleep, and a couple hours later she's there squeaking a toy right beside the bed, and all you'd do is go "awwwwww - how cute!"???

Hm. I'm gonna have to waive the bullshit flag on that one! ;-)

I tell ya - that blue rubbery "loofa dog" toy - like the plush ones you see the little dog with in the Petsmart commercials, was a WISE investment. We got him a big plush one recently and he chewed a leg off and started sucking out the puffy stuffing like he was drinking soda through a straw. He's chewed threw a few cat toys, mangled more dog toys, etc. Don't get me wrong - most of that IS cute, but wow, they can really go through the toys. Hopefully this is all part of puppydom?!