Monday, February 02, 2009

Good eats

More on this later!


Kelly said...

mmm looks good... thanks for stopping by my blog... they did have the Wii Fit yesterday, but i decided against it for now, until i talk to someone who has it... the tennis and boxing wore us out last night...that is exercise enough for now... hehe

Jeph said...

Oh yeah, the boxing will really work up a sweat!! Even when I've boxed my 5 year old niece!

FinnyKnits said...

Tell me more...Especially if "more" is the recipe for what appears to be mac and cheese on your plate.

Jeph said...

Weeeeell...I'm a bit behind on postings, but the "more details" should come later this week I hope. And, um, there's no recipe for that mac n cheese. Unless you call "tear open the Stouffer's box and plunk the frozen stuff in the oven" a recipe.

I know. Bad, right? Really really bad.

But oooooh so creamy and tasty!!! MMMM!

Yes, I admit it - I cheated!