Wednesday, October 07, 2009


While they may say cats and dogs don't get along...

....these two really don't mind each other most of the time. Sure, Doogie gets a little rough with Tucker sometimes, and so either we have to tell Doogie to leave the cat alone, lift the cat out of Doogie's reach, or just let Tucker express how he's feeling... But more often than not Tucker will quite happily walk past Doogie and rub his tail/butt up in the dog's face, or will sometimes even instigate a game of chase.

And then what we have here is what I was considering a Mexican Standoff. You know SOMEONE was either gonna get licked or slashed right after I took this picture. In this specific instance it looks like Doogie's not actually paying attention to Moxie, but I assure you - he really WAAAANTED to nuzzle her, and with all the growling she was doing, he kept looking away, reconsidering his options.