Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Asian pear

This Asian pear that recovered being chewed up when Doogie was a puppy really hasn't gained much height yet, but it looks like this'll be the second year where I have to seriously thin the blossoms/immature fruit. It's LOADED with flower buds and, assuming we don't get with a hard frost, will end out having dozens of fruit forming on its tiny frame.

The problem with that is none of the fruit will do very well... they'll be crowded have poor air flow, possibly get moldy, and will all fight for the tree's energy... resulting in teeny fruit.

So I'll probably leave all the flower buds on, wait to see how well it cross pollinates with the other Asian pear (different variety), see how well the developing fruit fare against any freezing temps we might have, and then I'll thin it out drastically. I really want it to put energy in gaining some height this year. Maybe I'll let it form a dozen fruit, and then I'll probably lose some to pests.

I still get rave reviews from a neighbor who got to eat one last year. Can't wait for this year's crop!
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