Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dial it back, Remley!

Each winter I swear I'll go simpler with the annuals and potted plants.

My parents stick with red geraniums, blue lobelia, ferns and that's about it?

Me? I thought I'd go cheap and orangey yellow red by using nasturtium on the deck.

Then I caved and picked up my first mandevilla ever... sure it should get huge, but it's red, so it's in the family with the nasturtiums, and hummingbirds should love it.

And then there's the three terracotta pots down the deck steps with red gersniuu. Still ok... colors are still reds.

So why do I also have five pots with pinks and whites now? What happened to my control? I blame it on instant gratification... the nasturtium won't be blooming for awhile yet... and I needed color!

God I'm so gay!
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Kris said...


All those colors are so irresistible. LOL