Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC Nation

Aw man, while I'm quite disillusioned with the DC Universe-wide reboot/New 52 crap that's going on, this is enough to make me wish we had cable again!!!

 Now I DO notice some interesting things in there - like how they appear to be using almost all pre-New 52 images of characters, including the old version of Firestorm and not the new mess they've made of him/them. And interesting that the Black Witch version of Mysa/The White Witch is the last character they display....seems like she's most definitely NOT a high profile character these days, nor has she really ever been (unfortunately).  And the other two characters displayed with her at the very end?  Fellow Legionnaires Lightning Lass and Phantom Girl - again, not high profile characters.  Seems straaaaange.  I think someone in charge of the ad was just going for girly pics!

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