Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rumour has it...

After waaaay too much excitement lately (mild throat infection, finding a home for a stray cat that's spent most of the summer running around the neighborhood, Brett spending a good part of his workday today in the ER because of increased heart rate (no worries, he's fine now - time to dial back on the caffeine for one thing!), driving all over the local area picking up and dropping off things this weekend, and more), I'm ready for some chill-out time.  Rumour has it there's going to be at least one kick-ass mash-up on tonite's Glee!  (Ha!  See what I did there!?)  Here's a sneak peek...looking forward to the episode.

Hm - seems that video always catches the first time I hit play.  Hit play, and then if it acts like the video is over, try hitting play again - works for me!

K, just watched the video yet AGAIN.  I have to say I love that pause where Mercedes stops and Santana just baaaarely glances over her.  Seriously - Naya Rivera (Santana) is like sex on legs - that girl is HAWT!  Brett and I both comment about how beautiful she is whenever she's on, no matter how bitchy her character is.  And the girl can SING!

 I have been listening to more and more Adele lately, and am really quite hooked!  I realize I'm probably a bit late to the party, but hey, she's really good - give her a try.

And speaking of addicting music that's real catchy, in addition to Rumour Has It, I keep finding myself humming this blasted song that I can't quite get outta my head.  Maybe I need to just act out a good chunk of the video - do you think that would help?


Joe said...

I love me some Adele - I was also late to her music. I wasn't crazy at first, but then I just couldn't stop listening to her and I'm hooked!

Jeph said...
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Jeph said...

We just finished tonight's Glee, and it's totally made up for the lackluster episodes so far this season...and the Adele mashup was great in the context of the episode! Also great? The dodgeball scene with the "One way or another" and "Hit me with your best shot".