Sunday, April 14, 2013

If I had a hammer...

If you were a cat, don't you think the LAST place you'd insist on being would be right next to a noisy hammer? No matter how many times I tossed Tucker on the floor, he'd hop back up, purring loudly, and flop right onto my work area. Like to the point he was covering the copper plant tags and little metal letter stamps.


Anyhow, I got the letter stamping stuff for Christmas this year, but needed to find a suitable "craft hammer", and to make the time. I've been wanting to remove all the ugly plastic plant tags from the fruit trees in the yard, but figured drawing a map want going to cut it. I've already had some handwritten tags on heirloom apple trees fade, and now I don't remember what they are. I also don't know what varieties my two Asian pears are- I just know they're different from each other.

I do have to say it takes some practice getting the letters in something that's close to a straight line, and to know how hard to hit with the hammer (if anything I was too light, but there's that O where i punched right through the copper! ). And then there's the noise-yay fun.

Oh, and the pain in the ass cat, but we covered that already.

Oh, and the interesting part is how I got the gifts! Brett got me the metal stamps because I'd had them on my wish list around Christmas time. And Sharon, not knowing this, had gotten me the copper tags, figuring I could use them in the garden somehow. At no point had they compared notes, and they had to reassure me that this wasn't a planned combo gift. Crazy, and cool! Thanks guys, I love them!

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anne marie in philly said...

awwwwwwww, tucker just wanted to help!

looks nice! :)