Sunday, April 07, 2013

Taste of summer - in April?!

So last fall I saw something where you can put up green tomato slices to make fried green tomatoes any time of year. I'm a little leery because you're not canning in a brine or vinegar really (there might have been some salt and a little lemon juice? ), nor are you pressure canning. What does happen is long term canning - I think the jars were in boiling water for 40 minutes?

Anyhow, I forgot about them all winter, and just saw them the other day. Cracked a jar open today and it smelled fine and wasn't fizzing- that's two good signs, but doesn't mean there couldn't still be botulism.

I tossed together some cornmeal, Panko, and parmesan, with a little salt and pepper, and dipped in the dried off slices (those that didn't fall apart right away), then fried in hot canola oil.

Lessons learned?

- You definitely want to start with tomatoes that are more firm and less juicy. The jar I opened had a mix of tomato varieties, with some being more pulpy than others. Those with less pulp held together much better.

- They didn't need to do an egg dip first, but it might have made for a thicker layer of crispy goodness.

- Thicker slices wouldn't hurt.

- I need a good dipping sauce recipe like the Rail had last summer.

- My muscles seem to be seizing up. (Unrelated, I'm sure)

- And, ha ha, botulism tastes great.

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