Tuesday, August 20, 2013


What happens when you're feeling a bit mischievous and want to tease the dogs as they're snooping around in the garden, eating grass, etc?

Well, you just say "Rabbits!" and watch how fast you get their attention!

Sorry guys, false alarm! ;-)


Betsy said...

You can only cry, "Rabbit" falsely a few times though before they will ignore you when there is a real rabbit attack. ;)

Jeph said...

Would you believe that's not actually true? If they're in the yard, or even in the house, I can say "Rabbit!?" and it totally gets their attention and they think there's something to chase. Now if they've disappeared off into the side lot (often because they're chasing a rabbit), I can't lure them back by hollering "Rabbit!" - they're already on the hunt.

And for what it's worth, they've never ever caught one!