Thursday, August 15, 2013

The taste of summer

It may not be the most photogenic plating, but it sure was tasty! Finally got some amazing corn from the garden, a ripe Black Krim, grilled trombonico squash, plus great chicken (not grown here).

That bit of trombonico on the plate is such a tiny portion of the whole squash - I think we'll be using some of it as dog treats over the next several days -they loved it!  (Brett wouldn't touch it, its squash)

I was worried the Black Krim tomato would be flavorless because it was so firm and because it's been so cold. Maybe it was lacking and I just loved it because it was my first of the season? Whatever the case, it was juicy and packed with rich depth of flavor -yum!

And the corn?  Mmmmmmm! Sweet and tender!

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