Friday, August 16, 2013

The great peach drop of 2013

Ok, seriously, what is going on here!?

Why is the peach tree dropping so many peaches?  Is it just that I should have thinned it even more?  Some of these look like they were perfectly good peaches (minus discoloration on the outside since I never sprayed them for the usual peach problems)...they weren't the runts, splits, etc...  And from what I've read, peaches need to finish ripening on the tree, or they're just no good.  Trust me, at this stage, all the peaches are still ROCK HARD...they're nowhere close to being ripe.

Even though we're not eating them, something in the yard sure has been enjoying some of the fallen peaches - some are almost nothing but a pit.  I took a rat trap and put it out amongst these peaches after taking these pictures - we'll see if it catches anything.  We've been having a real problem with chipmunks, moles and voles, to the point where I've almost twisted an ankle in a hole that wasn't there the day before.  Maybe this'll take out more of them.  So far I've gotten 7 chipmunks, a mouse and a vole in the last few weeks.

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