Saturday, August 24, 2013


First raspberries of the season, harvested August 22, 2013.

Wow, check out how BIG these guys are!  These are the Heritage variety - trying to remember if I got all these canes from my dad, or if I bought them when I first put in the raspberry bed.  I have also had Anne, a yellow variety of raspberry.  If I remember right, each year I feel like they're not going to produce, and may have even died off, and then I seem to start finding some around when we get frost?  Will have to see if I have any posts/records on this...

There really aren't many ripe raspberries yet - what you see in my hand is all I found the first day they were ripe...but give it just a little longer and I'm sure I'll have quite a few at each harvest.  Not the crazy amounts like mom and dad often have (although this past year they sacrificed one of their raspberry beds to make it an asparagus bed) - but they ended out getting more than they knew what to do with.

In my case, the raspberries and asparagus started off being polite neighbors at the opposite ends of the same bed.  And, y'know, they both have a ton of underground activity - with raspberries actually spreading via runners underground.  So this year?  It's really hard to tell they were ever separate.  I HOPE the raspberries don't choke out the asparagus crowns...but it's a risk I knew I was taking when I put them in the same bed with no divider.  I suppose I could hammer a deep sheet of metal down into the bed at the edge of the asparagus, but I'd have to be real diligent pulling out the raspberry runners each spring.  Then again, I could make some good friends if I started giving away free raspberry plants next year!  ;-)

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