Friday, August 23, 2013

Progress resumes

Back to working on the Northman mittens, which had a little breather. Just after finishing the first mitten we had all the chaos with Simon and his blocked bladder. Once that was all resolved and we started to get back to normal (aside from feeding time!), I figured it was a good time to start the second mitten. It took me three or four tries to get it started - I forgot how complicated the two color braided start was. Once I got past that, I started flying through the pattern.
As you can see, I've got wool socks on in the end of August. We have the AC on again because it's gotten hot, but my feet tend to run cold.
And in the background are a couple of pups waiting for Brett to get home -he's running a bit late from working at a bank branch father than usual from home. He'll be home soon puppies.

Minutes later...

Moxie got jealous and wanted to join in, crowding her way on to my lap under what I was working on.  And moments after that?  Doogie got interested in Moxie, hopped down, came over to sniff her, she hissed, and they each left the room...  Party's over!

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Jeph said...

It looks like I only have one leg!