Monday, September 23, 2013

Garden bench, again

Here's the garden bench back on Aug 25...and take a look at it now! Looking really nice!  Check out the Morning Glories in bloom across the top now!

Then again, maybe that's not the best angle - let's go in for some close ups!  This clematis, planted this spring, is on another round of blooms.

And here's the Thunbergia / Black eyed Susan vine...  Unfortunately, this is an annual in our zone, and having never grown it before (I tried from seed last year), I don't know if I should count on it self seeding to return next year?  I don't feel like I've heard this plant comes back on its own, so if I want this on the trellis again, I'll have to buy a plant.

Even the backside of the bench/trellis looks good!  And this area is heavily shaded (by the front growth) until a very slim period late afternoon/evening - that's when the sun comes around the side of it, but then quickly gets shaded by blackberries and willow.

Again with the Black-eyed Susan vine - beautiful stuff!

And then down here at the bench, it seems like one of the strains/colors of the nasturtium have done better than the others this year.

Elsewhere in the garden my nasturtiums were completely smothered with black aphids.  This hasn't been the case in this back corner of the yard - I don't know if it's the variety, or because of what else it's mixed in with, or just something about this micro climate.  I love nasturtium, and am happy to have it cover anything it wants!

I wonder if the perennial honeysuckle and clematis, combined with any self-seeding of the nasturtiums and morning glories will be enough next year, or if I'll need to tuck in something else. The morning glories seemed happier to sprout up in the nearby flower beds, rather than in this bed. I'm guessing they launch their seeds more than just drop them...and so, even though this bed is farther away from MOST of my other flower beds, they still make their way around. I also noticed that the morning glories blooming here this year are only the pale ones, whereas last year I had a mix.

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