Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Seeing red

While we're not seeing many red tomatoes in the garden this year, there's still plenty of red elsewhere...

The red (and yellowy white) alpine strawberries, which I started from seed back in January I think, are really producing now!  I can totally see why you don't find these things in grocery stores - just picking them risks bruising/squishing them.  But the flavor is great - definitely a fun addition to the yard, and not one I fret over if I happen to miss some or if Daisy helps herself.  They're more like a hidden sweet snack to occasionally nibble on while out in the yard.

And the Heritage raspberries are finally starting to ripen.  The humid weather isn't doing them much good.  As usual, I often find I'm avoiding or flicking off berries that have gone bad/moldy before they're ready to be picked (or because I missed picking them by a day).  I'm not getting many yet, but there's plenty of hard little green berries on the canes waiting to ripen.


FinnyKnits said...

They're so cute! Like tiny troll hairdos.

Or is that too obscure?

Actually, no. I know that you know exactly what I mean. Troll Hairdo Strawberries. Yes.

Jeph said...

ROFL Now I can't unsee them as little troll hairdos - thanks! ;-)