Thursday, September 05, 2013

Someone shut off the beans!

I think we're starting to hit burn out on the beans.  This mixing bowl fills the full width of one side of the kitchen sink, and most of these beans are pretty big - I hadn't picked since the day before we left for New York, so that's about five days worth of growth...some could've had another day, but many were so big they didn't even make it in the mixing bowl (I fed them to Daisy).  The latest round/variety to start producing is just coming on now (I think it's called Greencrop?), and the Sultan's Crescent are still going strong.  I'm pretty much done with the flat, straight pole bean variety climbing the corn - they're too string, and toughen up way too early.  Since we'll have plenty more beans ready in a few days, it might be time to blanch/freeze a good portion of this batch for winter soups!

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anne marie in philly said...

if you have too much produce, local food banks can take the extras and distribute it to those less fortunate. we have a setup like this in our area; spouse has taken tomatoes there.