Friday, September 06, 2013

When in Roma

As with yesterday's post, this picture shows the other side/half of the kitchen sink - so hopefully that's a visual clue as to how big some of these tomatoes are!

These aren't your yummy, juicy slicing tomatoes that you'd want in a sandwich or salad.  These are paste tomatoes - way more meaty, much less juice.  These are planned for sauce and/or salsa use, if I get enough.  This batch here, once cleaned, stem ends removed, sliced in half, and stuffed in a bag for the freezer only weighed 3lbs.  We have a salsa recipe from my Aunt Nadine that we love that you cook down and then can - it calls for 10 lbs of tomatoes if I remember right.  The good news is that there's plenty more of these Roma and Opalka tomatoes on the vine.

The bad news is that, like most of the other tomatoes this season, they're just not looking, tasting or smelling very tomato-y.  These guys feel REALLY light weight when held - maybe that's normal for paste tomatoes?  Hopefully they'll have great tomato flavor once cooked down later this fall or winter...assuming I get enough to make it worth while.

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