Sunday, October 06, 2013

Beware the garden guardian

Watch out - it's gonna get you!

No, really!  Like right after I took this pic on the barberry, the praying mantis launched itself at me, flying right at my face.  I might've screamed like a little girl - just a little - as I jumped back.  And I'm not even creeped out by most bugs.  Certainly not praying mantises.  But I didn't expect it to try and land on my face either.

It seems there's something about a praying mantis face that does NOT want the camera to focus on it.  Kinda like creepy demon/ghost monsters in movies that are always out of focus?  I finally gave up and settled with the above picture.  Then it flew at me again, landed on the garage door, from which I chased it away knowing Brett would be home shortly (and I didn't want it getting crushed), and then it few off towards the back yard.  Man, so weird watching these big clunky things fly around...

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