Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I want powers!!

This is AWESOME!

Confession: I've always thought it'd be super cool to have some sort of super power.  Yes, I read comics most of my life.  Yes, I looooved Firestarter, Chronicle, The Powers of Matthew Star, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man, Misfits, The Misfits of Science, I Am Number Four, and and looking forward to checking out this fall's Tomorrow People - and kinda glaze over how traumatic things are supposed to be for the recipients of these abilities.  I mean, hello - cool powers/abilities!!!  But then there's that fear aspect - someone's different, are they going to hurt me, what's wrong with them, etc.  Eh, I'm gay - I guess that's my super power and I've gotten over all those worries others might have.  ;-)

This article gives a little more detail about the above video, which is a publicity stunt for the new Carrie movie coming out in a couple weeks.  Would I crap my pants if I were in that coffee shop when this happened?  Quite possibly.  Then again, I've seen enough of these "freak innocent bystanders out" type videos that I'd probably be quite suspicious...but still, it would be really cool to be there and feel that anxiety/suspense.

Now since I didn't get any mutant genes or get possessed by demons, I think I'm gonna go douse myself in a mix of random chemicals, get struck by lightning while being bitten by a radioactive spider, all the while getting zapped by space rays.  I'm sure something'll happen - right?

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