Friday, November 15, 2013

Bed time!

There's more leaf stuff going on in the garden. This happened last weekend:

I've been adding kitchen scraps and composting worms to the already existing piles of leaves I've been building up in the beds.  Then last week a neighbor dropped off 14 more bags of leaves, and then after emptying those into the beds (and salvaging some of the yard waste garbage bags), I went down to a different neighbor and finely chopped/mowed up 8 more bags of leaves.  (You get a LOT more leaf-to-bag when they're super finely chopped - so it was probably as much or more total whole leave mass than what came in the 14 bags of mostly unchopped leaves)  After getting all the leaves I mowed the lawn really short, then added on the new bags of leaves, stirring stuff up nicely with the pitchfork.

Turns out the chicken wire rabbit protection is really handy for making the piles taller!  This bed, however, could've used more side support stakes!

Since then, the neighbor who's been dropping off leaves has left another 4 1/2 bags for me!  Sounds like he expects at least one more load before all is done....  I figure I'll be dropping off some beer and replacement garbage bags for him and the other neighbor who work together gathering all their leaves!


FinnyKnits said...

I'm way super late to the game on this post, but THAT'S BADASS!

Those beds are going to be awesome in the spring.

Bring on the snow.

Jeph said...

More leaves, and even some bags of matted grass clippings, have shown up since, so I've worked those in. I'm worried there's not quite enough green to get the browns cooking down over winter, especially considering just how cold it seems this winter is going to I'm trying to work something out where I can get good quantities of coffee grounds to work into the chicken-wired areas...making sure Daisy can't get in there and cost us another $1400 in the ER vet from ODing on caffeine.