Thursday, May 08, 2014


So there's a lot going on in the garden right now. How much? Well, let's take a look at these pictures I snapped Monday afternoon!

First off - forsythia.  I kinda thought the forsythia was going to be wrapping up by now - but it's still going strong!  I wish I'd had my phone/camera with me when I was sitting out on the bench this weekend, right next to the forsythia, and there was a yellow warbler flitting around the tree, checking inside each of the blooms.  I only started seeing yellow warblers in the yard last year, or I was confusing them with goldfinches from a distance and not giving them a second thought.  Maybe they just like all the yellow in the garden now, where they're easily hidden from predators?  From the All About Birds description, this one was probably looking for little caterpillars or other insects.  A trio of sparrows landed in the willow next to the forsythia, making a real fuss, and once they put on a show and then left I noticed the warbler left what it was doing and checked out the area in the willow where the sparrows had been.  I wonder if it thought they'd found some good food there?

Tulips are coming on - yay!  And it's definitely not too warm for pansies and violas yet...

Check out these daffodils!  Two different varieties, but they all seem to almost glow from inside!

Hi there little guy!

This variety of daffodil (with this one still in the process of opening) is really interesting.  It's got sort of a limey-sick green tinge to it.  Definitely a break from your average narcissus!

The bottom of the two tulips is a parrot tulip. I love their non-traditional look, usually having a funky explosion of shape and color.

Daffy daffs looking every which way.

I can't have hyacinths anywhere close to the house windows - as much as I love their smell, sitting inside with the smell coming in an open window on a warm spring day is a sure trigger for a headache for me.  Now passing by them in the garden while I'm planting stuff or mowing?  That's niiiice!

This is the first of the two serviceberries I planted, and it's always had this funky off-balance shape.  Even though it's getting bigger each year, it still remains mostly upright, resisting the urge to fall over under the weight of its own flowers, or leaves, or even berries in the last summer and fall.

These guys make for a great color combination!

And here, behind the house under the living room window was a fun surprise - a spreading patch of wild violets starting to bloom!  They're obviously happy here, but I'm going to have to see if I can't try transplanting some to the new shady corner I'm trying to develop at the back of the yard, and hopefully encourage them to spread back there.

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