Friday, July 11, 2014


Most of these pics have a pollinator of some sort in them....there were honeybees, bumblebees, and bee-mimicking flies buzzing all around when I approached the flowers. However, while trying to take the pictures I was also flailing around so much because I was being attacked by mosquitoes, which is no fun...and my flailing either made pics out of focus, or scared off the bugs I was trying to photograph. My apologies.

If nothing else, they're nice colorful pictures of flowers and weeds.  Note the bind weed in many of these pictures.  Any flower bed or raised bed I have near the back of the lot, and sometimes those closer to the house, get bindweed....which is like a wild morning glory looking to choke out whatever it can.  I usually try to pull them while young as I see them, but they break easily, and the sap irritates my skin a little...  And then if they get past me and get too established, like when I stop weeding because of the heat, humidity, rain and/or mosquitoes, they can get so wrapped around the desired plants that removing them often damages the plant itself.

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