Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Ditch lilies!

Thanks to Brett's co-worker Ashley,I finally have very plain ditch lilies, which is what many call the standard issue orange lilies you see growing in the wild.  I don't want red or pink or yellow, nor fancy double lilies.  While I do wonder if these aren't a little more red than what's out in the wild, I'll take these freebies that Brett's friend let me have.  Some she brought in to pass along at work last fall, some she had me come out and dig up this spring.  All are doing great, and none have been given any special attention.

I realize they can spread and become way more prolific than originally desired.  I figure when that happens I'll dig, split, and then start lining our edge of the pond with them....  I already stuck two down there and, even though they're fighting it out with wild weeds, and have been flooded more than once this spring, they're doing just fine.

Thanks Ashley!

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