Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When things get out of control

We've had A LOT of rain lately. And it's been mild-to-warm temperaturewise...pretty good growing conditions for many plants. ESPECIALLY good for volunteer gourds! You know - the volunteers that pop up here and there and you just don't have the heart to rip them out, figuring hey, maybe they'll produce something good for you by the end of the season? Well, um, we went away to visit my parents this Friday through Monday, and came back to this:

Don't get me wrong - it wasn't a total surprise - I knew the vines were growing and getting pretty big, but in the time we were gone, I think that's when they climbed up over the deck rails and, well...take a look:

It's probably a good thing we weren't out there sitting on the deck!

And they seriously want to grab ahold of anything they can get close to.  Look at all these tendrils!

And just like a horror movie, they're starting to climb up the windows.

I really don't know what to do.  I suppose I should whack them back to more manageable size and defend our property, but I also see it as so much potential for more gourds.  I know some of this is Daisy gourds, which I've grown before, but I also saw a different shape in the mix, one I don't think I've ever grown.  I'm not sure if chipmunks moved the seeds from previous years' cross pollinations here or what...  I guess we wait and see!

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anne marie in philly said...

the zombie apocalypse is next; run for the hills! ;-b