Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big harvest

Aside from monster volunteer gourd vines, where were some other things that got a little out of control while we were visiting my folks in NY this past weekend, including a large zucchini and the biggest pickling cuke I've ever seen!

The good news is that there was also plenty of USEFUL stuff to come out of the garden...

That crazy big bumpy tomato is an Ananas Noire.  The smaller round red tomatos are Sioux, which was a freebie pack of seeds that came with an order this year.  Haven't tried any of those yet.

A lot of this stuff went into ramen for dinner that night, or we had on the side (the corn and edamame).  Some the dogs even got to snack on (odd shaped carrots, tough sugar snaps...)

1 comment:

anne marie in philly said...

WOW, what a harvest!

is that a cuke in your hand or are you just glad to see me?