Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby cardinals

No idea how long the nest has actually been in the holly bush outside the living room window...I only thought something was odd when I got an earful from a cardinal while I was pruning the dappled willow next to the holly. A day or two later I'm looking out the window and see the holly from a different angle - including the nest. The mom has been sitting in the nest quite a bit this week, getting a lot of undesired attention from the cats through the window. And today? Babies!


Sue said...

I just LOVE that open mouth. Can't do much else, but hey---FEED ME!
What a great process you are able to witness.

Jeph said...

I'm always tempted to drop something in when a baby bird is doing that...I'm just not willing to chew up a bug or worm first. ;-)