Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Currant blossoms!

Well this is interesting...

More than one of my new currants that I only planted a few weeks ago are already blossoming!  These plants arrived bareroot from Raintree Nursery in excellent condition, along with a 4-in-1 Asian Pear tree, a gooseberry (will I like it?), an Aronia (will I like it!??!), some 'Jewel' black raspberries, and more strawberry plants.

I am really impressed with how these currants are not only taking off, but at least two of the plants are already blooming!  They're not the prettiest of blooms, but they appear to be normal for fruiting currants.

The pic above is of the 'Cascade' red currant, and at first I assumed it was just a freak occurrence, but as I was zipping around in a hurry mowing the lawn yesterday, I noticed at least one of the blackcurrants also has blossoms.

I was wondering if I shouldn't show some tough love and pinch off all the blossoms, encouraging more energy into roots and not into fruiting, but I'm being a wuss and have decided to let them do their thing.  I'm just too curious, and really want to get fruit.  I know I won't get jelly-making quantities, but I'm excited to see what fruit I get from the currants.  I don't expect to love them for their fresh, raw fruit (although I might!) - I'm growing these for jelly making!

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