Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fruit in the garden!

Let's go take a look to see what's fruiting outside!  First off, the fig that my coworker gifted me last year - which I thought I killed off last fall, but it survived overwintering in the basement, started leafing out, started leafing out BIG, and needed to get moved out ASAP this spring.  Unfortunately, it's not easy to get pics of all these fruit on it...

Hm, not so great.  Anyhow, I believe these figs are considered the breba crop because they're producing on last years stalks, and are developing so early this spring.  So THERE'S a perk to successfully overwintering a fig indoors - yay!

Now, let's try to get a better picture...

I give up.  Moving on to the Japanese plum trees...look!  Lots of little burned out blossoms that, so far, don't appear to be forming any fruit, but roughly-evenly spaced are little plums forming.  Yay!!

And over on the Asian pear?  more little fruit!

And finally, on one of the cherry trees...  I had no idea these had developed already, and only checked because a neighbor said he had fruit on this that he was spraying with Sevin because the cherries had holes in them.  Shortly after spraying, little worms were dropping out of the fruit.  Guess I better start watching these guys and consider some sort of treatment.  Pesticide?  Surround?

So far - all is looking really good for fruit in the garden this year.  I'm pretty sure both peach trees are going to be failures, but they've had a couple really rough winters.  Maybe I'll get some plums and cherries this year...that would be nice!

I do need to watch the weather.  We're supposed to have a low of 38 tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  I seriously doubt I'll do anything to protect the trees - it's no where close to a frost, and I've never successfully protected the fruiting trees anyhow.

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