Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Garden Fruit - Mid May 2016

Here's a quick run through how the fruit are doing in the fourth week of May 2016.  I honestly can't believe how many fruit are still on the plants - we had SNOW and SLEET and HAIL and FREEZING TEMPS just a week and a half ago!  And I did nothing to protect any of the fruit (other than the blueberries).

Here's the 5-in-1 cherry tree, which is now more like 3-in-1.  The grafts have been slowly dying off, but it's looking like the surviving ones are super healthy this year!  SOOOO many little cherries!

My two-in-one Japanese plums are looking good!  Not a TON of plums that I've seen but I'll be happy with what I get!  Now the trick is for them to KEEP THE FRUIT....pleeeeease don't drop off!

And under the plums are the strawberries.  I think it's now getting to the point where the plum trees are big and leafy enough that they're going to shade out the strawberries, so I may have to reconsider where the strawberries are in future years.

I'm shocked at how heavily loaded the peach tree at the back of the yard is.  SO MANY little hard fuzzy peaches!  The one in the middle of the yard's not doing too bad either....

Looks like the blueberries made it through the freezing temps just fine!

Doogie was on his lead, and I completely forgot he was out there with me.  Took me by surprise just sitting there watching me roam around the yard taking pics.  "Silly human..."

Most of the currant shrubs are doing well and looking similar to this.  There's one that has super tiny leaves, and was loaded with blossoms, only now those blossoms seem to be shriveling with no signs of fruit.

The European pears are looking really healthy!  I have little pantyhose-sock covers to put over the apples, pears and Asian pears, and think I should be doing that any time now.  I've never used them before - the instructions say before the fruit is an inch across.  Uh oh!

The other cherry tree...I forget the variety - I think Ranier? - but this cherry tree is loaded!  It's all one variety, so not lots of little grafts here and there, which I suspect makes for a less healthy tree?

These three pics are apples - hard to believe these tiny, FUZZY little things could be big, plump, smooth skinned apples this fall!

And finally, strawberries under the Japanese plums and clematis....the strawberries are looking leggy.  Perhaps too much shade?

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