Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Garlic harvest!

The garlic got harvested this afternoon. There aren't as many heads this year - there was sort of a dead patch in the middle of the bed this spring, and I don't know if it was from too much mulch left on the bed, or if critters like voles maybe snacked on the cloves over winter. (does anything eat planted garlic?) 

However, I feel most of the harvested garlic heads are jumbo sized this year, so that's good news. I slipped up and didn't remove later-appearing scapes, and those heads of garlic are clearly smaller. Now it is a mix of different varieties I've grown in previous years, so some could be smaller by the nature of the variety... But I suspect removing those scapes could've resulted in some bigger garlic cloves. 

We're talking about maybe going to the Cleveland garlic festival next month, but I may also have you get our to Charlie's garlic farm out in Hudson sometime soon as well... 


Sue said...

Wow-the size of some of those are truly impressive.
Mine were SMALL this year---really really small....but at least there are lots of them, so I should have enough for the coming year.

Jeph said...

Right, at least with a large quantity of cloves, you can make up for the smaller size. Although then you have to remember to set aside from for replanting - that's where I always get disappointed. "Oh, I dug all these up excited to eat them, and now I have to give a good portion of them back to the garden. Sad..." ;-)